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Application Guidelines at Susie Abney Foundation

Applicants may submit a Letter of Intent briefly describing the project before submitting a proposal in order to find out if their ideas are potentially fundable by the Foundation.

In applying for grants, the following information should be included:

  • Summary statement.
  • The specific purpose of the funds requested.
  • The need for the project in the community.
  • Qualifications of key personnel.
  • The amount requested.
  • A detailed copy of how the money would be spent.
  • A detailed copy of the latest annual operating budget reflecting expenditures and receipts and a statement of assets.
  • A statement advising how the grant, if made, can be evaluated with regard to the funds going to the agreed upon purpose and/or the effectiveness of the program.
  • Recent grants received and applications pending.
  • Names and members of the Board of Directors and their principal occupations.

Evidence that this application has the approval of the Board of Directors: a copy of the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.

A copy of the organization’s Internal Revenue Service federal tax-exempt letter 501(c)(3).

Names, titles and telephone numbers of three professionals familiar with the work of your organization.

After these materials are received, you may be contacted for a visit if your application is accepted for consideration. Only one copy is necessary. Click To See

The general policy of The Abney Foundation is to make grants for innovative and creative projects, and to programs which are responsive to changing community needs in the areas of health, social service, education and cultural affairs.  We generally do not fund requests for operating expenses.

Agencies applying for funds should be serving the citizens of South Carolina.

Foundation grants are generally made once a year. Our deadline for receiving proposals is November 15th.


All correspondence should be directed to:

The Abney Foundation

100 Vine Street

Anderson, SC 29621

Phone: 864-964-9201

Fax: 864-964-9209





The Abney Foundation is a private foundation, founded in 1957, with offices at 100 Vine Street in Anderson, South Carolina. The Foundation is governed by six trustees.

Trustees & Officers

  • J.R. Fulp, Jr., Chairman, Trustee
  • David C. King, Vice Chairman, Trustee
  • Carl T. Edwards, Trustee
  • John R. Fulp, III, Trustee
  • Lebrena F. Campbell, Trustee
  • Edd Sheriff, Trustee
  • Johnnye K. Palmer, Secretary & Treasurer


  • David C. King, Executive Director
  • Carl T. Edwards, Executive Director Emeritus
  • Bonnie Nash, Administrative Assistant

Our Founder at The Abney Foundation

History of The Abney Foundation

Susie Abney Foundation History

I know that my Grandmother would be pleased with the vehicle she so wisely created that has done so much for so many.” – J.R. Fulp, Jr., Chairman

The Abney Foundation was originally formed in 1957 by Mrs. Susie Mathews Abney, widow of Mr. John Pope Abney, the founder of Abney Mills in Greenwood, SC. At that time, five trustees, including Mrs. Abney, were appointed to govern the trust. The principal office was located in Greenwood, SC. At her death in 1969, Mrs. Abney left a sizeable bequest to The Abney Foundation.

The mission of The Abney Foundation is to aid organizations that are operated exclusively for educational, religious, charitable, scientific, and literary purposes. The highest priority is placed on higher education.

To date a total of $50,862,823 has been awarded to various organizations.

Colleges and Universities

2013-14 Abney Scholarship Recipients

The Abney Foundation

Welcome to The Abney Foundation

Established in 1957, The Abney Foundation is a private, grant making foundation in Anderson, SC. The Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations recognized under IRS code 501(c) (3). We do not make grants to individuals.

Correspondence should be sent to:

Contact The Abney Foundation

100 Vine Street

Anderson, SC 29621

Phone: 864-964-9201

Fax: 864-964-9209


Our Mission

To make grants for innovative and creative projects and to programs which are responsive to changing community needs in the areas of education, health, social service and cultural affairs.


The primary focus is on higher education with 75-80% of the funding used for this purpose. The remaining annual funding generally supports local organizations.

How to Apply

Get a copy of our grant application guidelines here. The deadline for proposals is Friday, November 14th.